Born and raised in North Georgia, Brysen grew up with music. Being part of a family of five brothers and two sisters makes for plenty of fun and a whole lot of great stories. He loves writing about those crazy times, and often surprises his mom with stories hidden in his songs.
Brysen’s dad was a drummer and he would sit behind him mimicking his moves for hours. Obsessed with the rhythm of the music, he would carry his drumsticks everywhere, tapping out rhythms on anything he could find. At 12, Brysen picked up a guitar, playing solo as well as jamming with his brothers in the basement. They played a little bit of everything and had a lot of fun.  "At first I was too shy to sing in front of anyone." Eventually, he pushed through it and started playing at local parties, events and opening for local bands.
Creating new melodies and messing around with vocal melodies sparked his interest in songwriting.  Writing is a vehicle to tell his stories and the melody is how he conveys the emotion.  For Brysen, most of the time, the emotion of the story is what comes first. The melody comes from somewhere deep inside and is his way of helping others feel the same emotional connection.
At 18, Brysen focused on playing acoustic guitar, learning songs by George Strait, Hank Williams, Jason Aldean, Eric Church and Kenny Chesney. Three years later he tried his hand at songwriting. When the pen hit the paper, he knew he wanted to make writing his career so he moved to Nashville. He was fortunate enough to meet and spend time with with country music legend Clay Walker. The time Brysen spent with the country music icon led to co-writes and opening for one of his shows.
Brysen is currently back in Georgia, in the studio, working hard on writing and releasing his own original songs, combining his unique blend of country, classic rock, and mainstream genre influences.